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Welcome to our T shirts online design platform.


Make your own t shirt today, with our custom design software tool, here you can design, order, and have made,
the best quality custom t shirts in Australia. We use the latest printing methods, to print your shirts
and deliver them to your door.

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Why make your own t shirt online with us?

We have a focussed customer satisfaction attitude and are here to help. We want you to have the best experience possible, while making your custom t shirts online with us.

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2. Upload your design

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One good tip to keep in mind, when you make your own t shirt, is thinking about the size of the shirt printing you are putting on the T shirts online, will it be too large, or will it be too small, and perhaps not be able to be seen clearly from a reasonable distance. To help you with your shirt artwork, there is a great link called, design Help, or perhaps you just want to get started straight away, and start playing with the T-shirt Designer, it is easy to use, although visit the link, or call us if you have any difficulties. The product size button is also a good way to fit your correct custom t shirts size.


We also do much more than T shirts, and some of our other products include, cushions, tea towels, aprons etc. And don’t forget, as well as having no minimum order level, we are also a cheap T shirts bulk order specialist.

Use our below video, for tips on how to use, our online designer:

The Original Concept Of design Your Own T-Shirt

Originally the concept of Design your own t shirt, could only done by transfer paper, which was sometimes given away by companies, with their logo and message on it, that you could use your iron, to apply the transfer to your own T-shirt, although because they normally just had a company promotional message or logo on them already, that meant the custom design options were not available to you, although you still were able to make your own t shirt in a way. The only other option other than this, was to have them made by traditional silk screen printing, which gave an excellent print quality, and almost endless design options, although it was expensive, because of the screen cost, and screen films and graphic art charges, just to make the film, and then the expensive charges, to print just one T-shirt only.

Modern Print Technology

But now thanks to the Internet, and advanced computer software art tools, and the latest digital printing technology, you can now easily design, and have t shirt printing for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities across Australia, with an endless list of design options, quality printing, and retail quality T-shirts online, all at an affordable cost, because of all three of these new technology advances combined.

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Over 20 years screen printing experience. Australian owned and operated, State-of-the-art digital printing equipment. We use premium, water based vegan friendly inks. All our shirts are made-to-order, and we are renowned for quality t-shirts and materials. Quick Australia wide delivery. Secure checkout service. Customer Service Focused.

We are known for premium prints at best prices, with fast turnaround times, and attention to detail from our quality assurance and control staff. Our team has over 20 years of expertise in the screen printing industry, which means you receive a product you are happy with.

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Make Your Own T shirt Prices

Price per T-shirt

A price for only one t-shirt begins at $15 per shirt including printing. We'd love to hear from you, so email us and we can help with quotes and costing.

Bulk Order Prices

Bulk orders cost around $5 - $15 per shirt including screen printing, though it depends on the order quantity and print colours and positions.

Bulk Order Discount ?

For digital printing on t-shirts we offer these bulk discounts;

  • 5% off for 5 garments
  • 10% for 10 garments
  • 15% for 20 garments
  • 20% for 30 garments

There are great savings for over 20 shirts ordered. If your design can be screen printed, then prices are a lot lower and could be from $5–$15 per t-shirt, including printing. Please go to our bulk printing page

Call for a more detailed quote, or email

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Get inspired, have fun and let's get started making your best t shirts online design ever.

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The Printing Quality For Your T-shirt

We use the state of the art Kornit digital direct to t-shirt printers, as well as all the traditional screen printing methods.

What feel and look do the prints have?

We use premium, water based vegan friendly inks. Our prints last much longer than many other printers. White shirts with a digital print feel almost the same as the actual t-shirt fabric, while prints on dark fabrics basically sit on top of the shirt and have a soft pliable feel to them, screen printed shirts are similar, with prints on top of the shirt having a soft feel. Digital or direct to garment (DTG) printing involves a large ink jet printer applying specialised inks directly onto the shirts and with dark shirts a white under base layer is also printed.

The screen-printing process is more involved because it is squeezing ink through a print screen. each colour of the artwork is printed individually using a separate screen and a white under base has to be applied if it is a dark shirt. Both print styles produce almost the same retail quality prints. Each process has different advantages and final appearances.

If you don't see what you are looking for, or you have an abstract or experimental idea in mind for your design your own t shirt creation, please contact us with your enquiry. We are here to help get your project done as easily as possible.

How long do the prints last?

Our prints will last a couple of years at least.

T-Shirt Design
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Make Your Own T-Shirt Brands

Choose from the best quality undecorated Blank t shirts available to make your own t shirt with. We have handpicked the best styles and cuts from around the world.

We only use the best of the best blank shirt manufacturers available.

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Some of the well known and respected industry brands include, AS colour, Anvil, Gildan, Quoz, Ramo. For example Gildan is one of the world leading manufacturers of undecorated active wear. They have been in operation since 1984 and have more than 42,000 employees. They use environmentally friendly biotop to remove chemicals and dyes from the wastewater. This actually benefits ecosystems and agriculture in the surrounding environment. They are all the perfect templates, for a design your own t shirt creation.

Gildan Logo
Anvil Logo
Quoz Logo
Ramo Logo
AS Organic Logo
AS Colour Logo

As Colour is one of the more forward thinking brands available. They are an established blank t shirt manufacturer and produce everyday basics with a colour palette that will inspire your designs. AS colour has a great line of organic cotton t shirts, which provides a different wearing experience. Organic cotton gives a softer, more comfortable overall feel. You may not want to return to normal cotton t shirts after you try organic. Highly recommended !

Keep in mind that the colours of the t shirts vary and you may not be able to have the same colour in every style or brand we have. Some t-shirts are only available in white, such as the men's premium Quality T shirt by 'As Colour ' where as the men's 'Gildan' regular fit - sturdy cotton T shirt comes in more than 20 colours. If you cannot find the style or colour you want, simply contact one of our friendly support staff.

Slim Fit

Slim Fit or Regular Fit ?

The Mens and womens slim fit t shirt makes for a more athletic look, and a more modern fashion style. This is because the cut of the shirt is a closer fit to the body.

The arm holes are up higher, which gives more range of movement. Slim fit styles are different to the regular, more looser fitting shirts available, which are more suited for a comfortable fit.

Both are good options when you design your own t shirt, it just depends on what type of look, and fit you are going for. If you are having trouble deciding on what type of shirt to use, get in touch,

we are here to help every step of the way.

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Selecting Your Own T shirt

The first step, is selecting the style, size and colour shirt you want. When you click through to begin the creative process, you will notice a choice of the various t shirt styles available.

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Choose womens, mens or youth styles from the vast collection available. There is a navigation option with page numbers below the gallery with hundreds of choices. You can also use the drop down menus located in both the header menu and side menu. This makes finding t shirts and styles super easy.

t-shirt Colours

Each shirt option comes with its own unique colour choices.


We suggest getting a shirt that you now own, that currently fits you good. Lay it flat on a table, and take the measurements from armpit to armpit on 1 side only.

t-shirt size
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Uploading Your T shirt Design

Once you have made the custom t shirts style, colour, and size decision. It is time to get stuck into the design process. You will see three main different options available. You can add your design / photo, text or team name. If you don’t have your own design, choose one from our library, we have hundreds available and ready to use. This can be found via the add design button. You can add a design to your t shirt on the front, back and sleeves.

If you don’t like the design or placement, no worries !

simply delete and start again. Use our handy designer tips here.


Uploading Design Scans

Start by scanning a copy of your photo or drawing, etc. Adjust your scanner settings to high or minimum '300dpi'. Then convert the file to a PNG or Vector PDF type, or open up the image and select 'save as'.
Finally, email your image to us.

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What type of files can I use ?

We prefer PNG or Vector PDF files. Choose artwork that does not look fuzzy/blurry when you enlarge it on your computer screen (an image with 300 dpi or higher is good). A transparent background is also best, but if you do not have this, then email it to us with a request to remove the background, and we will check it for you, or you can refer our t shirts online designer instructions, regarding background removal.

Make sure your t shirts online designs are correct

Don’t forget to examine your designs carefully, and correct any mistakes before you place your order. To make the process as affordable as possible for you, we cannot check your design before printing.

You Can Share Your T-Shirt Designs

Spend time making and designing your shirt, then share it to friends and family via email, pinterest, facebook, and twitter. This is great for when you want to get some feedback or simply share your epic t shirts online design. Getting a second opinion is a great option to have. Our design your own t shirt software enables the sharing feature with a model wearing your custom t shirts masterpiece.

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T-Shirt Delivery

Now it is time to receive your awesome design. We ship to all over Australia and our services include t shirt printing for Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and other cities, and locations.

photo of t-shirt delivery box

Delivery is the final stage in the process. You have created your shirt, and used our checkout process to place your order.

What Stage Is My Order At ?

To view your order progress, first log onto our customer interface. If your order is urgent, please contact us before the due date, we can make sure you get it on time.

Just before the payment method step, there is an option that lets you add a message or note to your order for special instructions like background removal from your design or any important date reminders for your order. (unless it is a rush order)

t-shirt shipping


We have a choice of shipping methods available. If you need it quicker, there are options to choose from at the check out section.

Contact us direct for any customised delivery specifications you require, or any particular delivery dates.

  • Standard Shipping: delivered in 7 - 10 business days*.
    Australia-wide metro shipping cost capped at $10.00,
    (or no charge if you spend more than $100.00)
  • Express Post or Rush Pick Up: delivered within 1-3 business days!
    (This does not include PO Boxes) See shipping link below for prices.
  • Same Day T Shirt Printing is available on select products if ordered before 10am.
    See shipping link below for prices.
  • Local Pick Up: available from our Brisbane branch only.
    (allow up to seven days).
  • International Shipping
    (see shipping link below for price)

Shipping info and full prices here

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Once your t-shirt has arrived, you will need to know how to wash it. The fabric that is used is made from knitting the yarn together as opposed to weaving it. knitted fabrics will stretch so therefore we suggest not using a coat-hanger but instead hanging the t-shirt upside down with clothing pegs or laying it flat in the warm shade away from direct sunlight.

Cold water gentle wash inside out, iron inside out (only if you must), do not tumble dry and don't dry in direct sunlight.

t-shirt washing instructions
photo of a man wearing a t-shirt t shirt black and white
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Our website is fully secured by rapid ssl security. is a subsidiary of GeoTrust, a highly trusted, internationally recognized certificate authority. Up to 256-bit SSL encryption protects transactions and confidential data in transmission. Our online payment system is hosted by the Commonwealth bank and Braintree.

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We treat all your personal information as strictly confidential. We do not share any of your information with third parties. We comply with the copyright and intellectual property laws and our systems make sure your ideas and designs remain safe and secure.

Secure Checkout: buy with confidence.

Payment Method

You can have peace of mind when using our services. Once you have selected your t shirt style, and you upload your design, it is time for check out.

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